Model Name: Firenet PLUS 1127 Control Panel

The Fire Alarm panel supervises or monitors the fire sprinkler system by sensing any waterflow in the system due to a head discharge, or any tampering of the control valves that provide water to the system.

In the event of a head discharge or waterflow in the fire sprinkler system, the Fire Alarm panel will activate the interior audible alarm devices inside the structure as well as an exterior mounted alarm device and will also send a FIRE signal to the central monitoring station which is constantly attended by monitoring company personnel. They, in turn, will notify the local fire department to respond.

The mini-horn alarm is one of the most common devices used and mounts on the interior wall of the residential structure near the ceiling to alert the inhabitants of a fire alarm.

The fire alarm control panel is mounted in an exterior fire closet or garage and sends a status signal to a constantly attended 24 hour monitoring center via phone lines.

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