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How to Build a Fire Emergency Plan for your Home

According to the National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA), every family should have a fire emergency evacuation plan and practice it at least twice a year with every member.

Everyone in the family should take part in planning the fire emergency evacuation plan.

  1. First, draw out a map of your home – Make sure to mark all the doors and windows.
  2. Have a family meeting in which the fire emergency evacuation plan is laid out including the map of your home. The following items should be included in your family plan:
    • An escape route out of every room - starting with bedrooms, incorporate 2 escape routes from each room (2nd escape route could be through a window or standing at a window so that firefighters can see you)
    • A meeting spot if you get separated, where the members of the household should meet after leaving the house
    • Each family member’s role - who is responsible for making sure that children get out? How about elderly adults? People with disabilities? Pets?
    • List of emergency phone numbers - including the police, fire department, and any family/trusted friends in the area
  3. Have a visible list posted somewhere in the house for babysitters and repeated house guests.
  4. Practice your home fire drill so that every member of the family becomes comfortable with their role and the routes to take in case of a fire emergency.

Remember: Once you exit your home or building, DO NOT GO BACK INSIDE TO RETRIEVE ANY PERSONAL ITEMS OR PETS.