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Get to Know Your System: Keep Your Fire Sprinkler System
Working the Way It Should

Having an automatic fire sprinkler system installed in any facility or home is one of the best ways to prevent more damage and save lives from fire. According to the Congressional Office of Compliance, the chance of an individual dying to a fire is reduced to 50-75% and the average property loss to fire is lowered by one-third to two-thirds, compared to fires not controlled by fire sprinklers. In addition to being proactive in your fire safety decisions and following additional recommended fire safety tips on how to fireproof your property, you can decrease your chances of risk with fire all together.

    With that being said, fire sprinkler systems will only take care of you, if you take care of it. Fire sprinklers and fire systems inspections are recommended every quarter by the National Fire Protection Association. While professionals are best at performing these inspections, here are some tips you can do to make sure that your system functions effectively:

  • Know your system: Most fire sprinkler systems are directly connected to the main water valve. Therefore, turning off the water at the main water control valve will also cut the water supply to the entire fire sprinkler system. For the main water control valve, water is open when the lever is in line with the pipe while it is off when the lever forms a corner with the pipe. Property owners can also use a padlock to keep the water locked open.
  • Clear the area: Make sure that the main water control valve is clear of objects so that there is a clear path for anyone who might need to access it in case of emergencies. In addition, make sure that the area that surrounds the fire sprinklers within the property is clear of anything that could prevent the water from spraying the maximum area that it should.
  • Protect the sprinklers: Fire Sprinklers are fragile; do not hang anything on them or on any part of the water pipelines. When moving large furniture, make sure to be aware and not hit the fire sprinklers. If you are painting, make sure to cover the fire sprinklers with plastic and take it off as soon as you are done painting. Always tell children to not touch, poke, or play with the fire sprinklers.
  • Always repair: Make sure to always repair damages to your fire sprinkler system or report damages to the owner of the house as soon as possible.