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Benefits of Fire Sprinkler Systems

Having a fire sprinkler system in any building or facility is the most effective installation that can be done within a building to help extinguish possible fires quickly and with the least amount of damage. Although they are an additional cost, these fire sprinklers systems are well worth it considering the ease-of-mind that they will provide. They should be used in conjunction with fire alarms and other precautions for fire prevention. Here are some benefits that come with having a fire sprinkler system in your building:

Reduced fatalities, injuries, and property damages
It usually takes an average of 9-12 minutes after a fire starts for the firefighters to arrive on location. Upon arrival, they use high-pressure hoses that put out an average of 250 gallons per minute which can cause unnecessary water damage and additional damage to the property. However, if a fire starts within a building that has a fire sprinkler system installed, the fire is usually contained or put out before it spreads (even before the fire department arrives). Despite the myth that the entire fire sprinkler system turns on when activated, only the fire sprinkler closest to the fire activates unless there are multiple fires. Residential fire sprinklers only put out an average 13 – 20 gallons/minute.

Monthly premium savings and tax deductions
The benefits of fire sprinklers systems go beyond the actual fire danger. Insurance companies can offer a premium discount for homes and facilities that have fire sprinkler systems installed. Mention and double-check with your insurance agent to make sure that you’re getting the greatest discount available for your property insurance premium.