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7 Tips On How To Create a Fire-Safe Workplace

Preventing fires, especially in the workplace, requires everyone’s participation. All company team members must be mindful and alert to basic fire safety in the workplace. Here are some general tips on how to help make your workplace fire-safe for you and your team:

Clutter free is the way to fire safety
Implementing good workplace housekeeping is a great step towards having a fire-safe work environment. By preventing clutter and build-ups, the chance of creating potential fuel for any accidental fires decreases.

Proper use, storage, and disposal of chemicals, equipment, and batteries
If flammable chemicals are part of a company’s workplace, employees must be trained in proper usage, storage, and disposal of flammable chemicals. Make sure all bins used to store flammables are properly labeled. Consistent maintenance of all machinery and equipment is also a must to prevent overheating and friction sparks. Oily rags must be disposed of properly by placing them in a closed metal container, and emptied on a regular basis.

Do not overload electrical circuits and outlets
Keep all circuits and outlets safe from overload. Make all outlets are grounded and there are not “chains” of powerstrips connected to a single outlet. If using heavy machinery and equipment, make sure to consult a professional to secure your facility and review your company’s fire safety practices.

Always maintain a clear access to control panels
Always keep the path to the electrical control panels clear in order to shut power down quickly in an emergency situation. This can help slow down the progress of the fire that could be escalated by various mechanical operations and materials being processed at the time of an accident.

Have clear and proper signage for all emergency exits, alarms and necessary contact information
Make sure that all emergency alarm triggers/levers and exit signs are also unobstructed and are easily accessible throughout the workplace. It is also as equally important to instruct and empower employees to call 911 in case of a fire emergency. Provide employees with frequent training in fire prevention, protection, emergency response instructions and fire extinguisher placement.

Set and strongly enforce smoking rules
Do not allow smoking in areas where flammable materials are stored or anywhere else that would be considered a high-risk/fire hazard area. Place signs to clearly state where employees can and cannot smoke to prevent confusion and accidents.